Written & directed by Kate Hummel & Rosa Stil.


When Zana is raped by her colleague, she is faced with an impossible question. Either she tells her girlfriend Olivia, or she chooses to remain silent forever. Because if she keeps quiet, it might never happened.


Short film | 00:15:55 | Short Film | Themes: Patriarchy, Female Gaze, Systemic Mysogyny | Colour | Shooting Format: 16mm | 1.85:1 | the Netherlands | Spoken language: Dutch | Subtitles: English, | Format: DCP, ProRes | Dolby 5.1 & Stereo LtRt


About the directors:

Rosa Stil
Rosa Stil (1996), graduated with a bachelor in drama and contemporary music theatre (2022) at the Amsterdam University of Arts, is an allround creative who works as a film- and theatre maker, actor and visual artist. Her fascinations lay in power, in what happens with people when nobody is watching, in desires and fears. With her work she seeks connection and unity. She believes we are all more alike than we may think.

Kate Hummel
Kate hummel (1999), graduated with a bachelor in directing at the Netherlands Film Academy(2023), is a filmmaker, photographer, and artdirector who loves to kick box. Her work is honest and her fascinations lay in capturing vulnerable moments out of human lives. She wants to make art that is honest, powerful, yet disarming.


Kate and Rosa met in their last year of study and immediately felt a strong connection in filmmaking. This connection combined with the urgency to tell the this story led to their first film together; GUILTY. With their different backgrounds in arts they don’t just match creatively, also socially they feel the exact same need to serve the progression of inclusivity in the world and therefore the representation on screen. GUILTY is their first film together, but defiantly not their last.



15 min